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Standard Certificates

8.5 x 11 inches

custom certificates

Gold - Red Foil Phoenix

11 x 17 inches

Foil Phoenix Certificates


Hand Brushed Rice Paper

13 x 26 inches

certificate scroll


Certificate Scroll

Any custom sizes & selection of cloth colors

certificate scroll

































Custom Certificates FAQ

  1. What is the processing time for custom certificates?

For first time orders, the processing time for custom certificates is around 3-4 weeks, depending on how many drafts need to be made.We only print after your approval on layouts. (For re-orders, please allow 2 weeks lead time.) If you need the certificates within 2 weeks, rush order request is needed with additional fee. Please make sure to let us know your due date.

2. What are the sizes of Standard Certificates, Gold/Red Foil Phoenix Certificates and Handbrushed Certificates?

The Standard Certificates are 8.5 X 11 inches in ink color borders.(No foil border available under 250 certificates.) Gold/Red Foil Phoenix Certificates are offered in 11 x 14 inches and 11 X 17 inches. Handbrushed Certificates are 13 X 26 inches.

3. Can I place an order via e-mail?

Yes, you can. Sometimes, it may be easier to place your order via e-mail, especially if you are ordering multiple items. Or, aren't certain about the pricing. Just make sure you e-mail us all the information needed to process your order.

4. Can I include my school logo on the certificates?

Yes. Please email us your school logo as a JPG at

5. Can you design a logo for me?

Yes. We design school logos. Our Basic Logo Design is $449, Premium Logo Design: $549, Deluxe Logo Design: $649. Please refer to this page for more information:

6. Can I use my own certificate text?

Yes. You give us the certificate text and specify how you want it laid out, as well as what you want translated.

7. Do I get to see a certificate preview?

Yes. After you have purchased your order, we will begin a drafting process. We will send you the first draft and you can tell us if the text/spacing is correct, and make any changes. We will only start printing after your draft approval.

8. Can I see a preview before purchasing the certificates?

No, all the orders are custom translate and layouted. The drafting process takes time and energy of our design team. It will add their workload. However, we do send you drafts and you can make corrections before your final product is sent to print.

9. Can I just purchase 1 certificate (or any random number)?

You may order 1 certificate for the 11 x 14 or 11 x 17 Gold/Red Foil certificates or the hand brushed 13 x 26 inches certificates. All other certificate types have minimum order. Please contact us with your request.

10. What are the stages in certificate processing?

  1. Send us your certificate text/logo via email, tell us how you would like it arranged on the certificate
  2. Submit order payment
  3. We create a draft, send it to you as a JPG image for approval
  4. If there is anything else that you would like to change, we will create another draft.
  5. Once the final draft is approved, we send the certificates to be printed.
  6. Certificates will usually be shipped out within a couple week after your approval.

11. Where do I select my certificate paper style?

Please refer to Standard size Certificates with varies borders (8.5 x 11 inches):

Colored Ink Phoenix Certificates (8.5 x 11 inches):

Gold/Red Foil Phoenix Certificates (11 x 14 & 11 x 17 inches):

12. What if I want a layout that is not in the examples of standard layouts?

Please email to us a description of the type of layout you would be interested in at

13. Which languages may I have the certificate text translated in?

Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. You may also just have a certificate made in English. You may also provide us in other languages text. As long as you provide us text in those languages, we can print them for you.

14. How do I reorder certificates in the future?

After we design your certificates, we save your final certificate draft. When you reorder, just tell us your name and martial arts school or your last order number, and we will find your certificate so we can reprint it. Please allow 2 weeks leadtime. Or, reqest a rush order with addtional fee.

15. Do you sell school and instructor seals?

Yes. We sell traditional, custom hand carved seals that are ideal for certificates. Please refer to this page:

16. How are the Certificate Scrolls priced?

Please refer to this page:

17. Does the Certificate Scroll size include the size of the cloth?

Yes, the certificate scroll size you choose will be the total size of the cloth and the certificate. The scroll maker will decide the ratio of cloth to certificate, unless you have any specific requirements.

18. I still have more questions, how can I contact customer service?

You may contact customer service either through email at: Or call at: 336-793-0015 (If the line is busy, please leave a message with a good time to give you a call back. Due to the number of calls, e-mails would usually get a faster respond. We try to reply your e-mail within 24 hours.)




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