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Black Ox Horn Seals

Custom carved name chops for martial arts instructors and schools. They can be carved with your name and title. Such as "Master John Smith, 8 Dan" or "Sifu John Smith" and etc. It can also be used as your school name seal, such as "Traditional Martial Arts Academy" and etc. The seals can be carved in Chinese, Japanese, Korean or English. We could also carve simple line art graphics or your school logo. You may e-mail us your graphic at You are welcome to place an order with the same e-mail above.

You may choose either Yang carving style (Positive- Text in red) or Yin style carving (Negative- Text in White). See both About Seals and FAQs for more info. Need Larger Sizes than 1.42 inches, check the Traditional Wooden Seals.

custom carved chop Click images to view enlarged pictures, see more samples at Seal Portfolio.

After 11 years of offering Ox Horn Seals, the market pricing has been raising. Unfortunately, we had to adjust our pricing as well. As they are the horns of the ox, some seals require large size horns in order to make them. If below pricing is out of your budget, we hope our clients will consider Traditional Plain Wood Seal option.

custom carved chopcustom carved signature chopcustom carved logo stamp

Sizes Text Only Text + Graphics
0.7 inch / 1.8cm (up to 4 Asian characters)
0.95 inch / 2.4cm (up to 12 Asian characters)
1.18 inches / 3cm (up to 12 Asian characters)
1.3 inches / 3.3cm (up to 12 Asian characters)
Upon Request ($110+)
1.42 inches / 3.6cm (up to 12 Asian characters)
Upon Request ($160+)

larger image

Black Ox Horn Seal

Custom carved for names, schools, company seals. The seal is about 2 1/4 (High). Includes custom carving in Yang style and traditional red seal ink.

Options: Sizes / Pricing
Carving Styles
Words/Name/Language to be used

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