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Patch Orders FAQ


1. How much will my patches cost?

You may refer to our Patch Pricing.

E-mail us your graphic image with the following information for a quote. info@AsianMartialArtsDesign.com

  • Your Name:
  • Patch Size:
  • Embroidery coverage: 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery
  • Number of patches needed: (Minimum of 100 patches)

2. What are 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery?

The percentage refers to the amount of coverage the stitches will have on a patch. 75% means that we use a twill backing and embroider your design/text onto the twill to create the patch. In your case, it would be on black twill. 100% means the entire patch is embroider in stitches with no visible twill. Designs with more coverage will take longer to sew and use more thread, therefore increase the price.

3. What are the difference between the backings?

  • Plastic Backing: Clear plastic backing for sew-on purposes. This option will make the patch stronger and sew-on the cloth would holds better in laundry.
  • Iron-on Backing: Standard iron-on application. It’s easy to apply to your garments. However, if your garments require frequent laundry, we would not recommend this option.
  • Adhesive- Backing: Pressure adhesive backing on to your garments. Apply like a sticker, and it is removable. This option is also not recommend, if your garments require frequent laundry. You may also sew-on for a permanent application.
  • Velcro Backing: This backing will include both sides of Velcro. You may take the patch off when your garment needs laundry. This would keep the thread colors and the patch always in a good shape

4. What are the choices of the background?

You may chose to have the design embroidered on color twills, black velt, and black velet.

5. Will you send a proof before sending my order?

Yes, but only after we have already received your order payment. We will send you a scanned image of the actual embroidered patch. You will then be able to let us know if everything looks good to you. We will also be able to make any revisions on the colors or other details in the proofing process. As long as there's no major design change, we could make any changes that you need. If you decide to start over with a different design, an addtional graphic fee may apply.

6. What if I would like to change my artwork for my patches?

You may change the artwork before the patches is sent for making a embroidered patch proof sample. However, changing the artwork after we have started process a proof patch will result in addtional processing fee.

7. How long does it take to receive my order?

Custom patches usually take about 2-4 weeks. It also depends on how fast you confirm on the proof sample, and if there's any addtoinal changes. Step 1: Proof sample within one week after the payment is received. Step 2: Customer confirming the proof or changes. Step 3: Final proof confirmed, and production starts. 7-10 working days Step 4: Shipping with Priority mail 3-4 day.

If you do not already have a logo or graphic design, custom graphic design service is also available. See more Graphic Design info.


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