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Seals FAQ

1.What is the processing time for custom seals?

The processing time for custom seals are around 3-4 weeks. Express processing/shipping is available for additional fee.

2.How many words can I carve on the seals?

Names are translated by the pronunciation, therefore the number of syllables can often give you an idea on the number of characters in your name.

Agate seals & Stone Seals- carve up to 4 Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters. (It is NOT counted as number of English words.)

Other seals- They can carve more characters, the size of the characters will just be smaller.

3.What kind of seals or size do I need for my school's certificates?

The size of the seals needed will depends on the size of your certificates. The following may give you some standard ideas.

1. Instructor seal: Carving with name & title. (Size usually range from 3/4 inch to 1 inch)
We usually suggest ox horn seal or traditional wooden seals, because it can hold more characters. Ox Horn-, Traditional Wood-

2. School seal: Carving with school's name. This is usually 1 inch to 2.13 inches, depends on your certificate size. We suggest to use Wooden Seal.

3. Certificate security seal: This type of seals are usually stamped with half of the imprint on the certificate and half on the school's record book. We usually use our rectangle wooden seal.
The wording is usually as "Certificate issued by [Their school name]." Or, some simply the school name.

4.Can I include my school logo on the seal?

Yes. We may carve your school logo on the seal. This can be done on our Traditional Wooden seals:

Please email us your school logo as a JPG at

5.Do I get to see a seal preview?

For custom hand carved type seals, we will not be able to provide a preview. Seals are carved by laser, they can be viewd. However, due to the nature of custom orders, those drafts are only processed and provided after the order is made and paid. Also upon requested.

6.Can I use my own seal text or seal image?

Yes. You may. Please email us your text or graphics (black/white line art) in high resolution file at (Addition graphic fee will required if we need to clean or edit your file.)

7.Can I get the seal image as digital file?

Yes. The pricing will depends on if it is an add-on item order to your actual seals, or if you only want it digital without an actual seal carved. Please let us know. It is usually in the pricing range of $25 - $85.

8.Do you offer discount?

Yes. If you are ordering more than 5 seals, we can offer you them in a discounted rate. Or, you may keep an eye on our promotion events via our Facebook page. We offer promotions discounts through out the year.


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