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Irregular Shape Stone Seals Selection

Each stone seal is unique and one of kind. The seals are in variations on its color, size, and shape. They are custom hand carved. New stones will be updated when the selection is low. You may choose either Yang carving style or Yin style carving. See both About Seals and FAQs for more info.

Please note that due to each stone is one of kind. If more than one customer ordered the same stone seal, we will go with the order that was received first. Thank you!

Stone Seals - Carved 1-4 Asian characters. Pricing included carving and a traditionanl red ink paste. We ship internationally.
Carving Language
Words to be carved:
Stone Number:

In Stock


1/2 (W), 1 3/8(L), 1 1/4 (H) inches $70


1/2 (W), 1.1(L), 1 1.6 (H) inches $70


1/2 (W), 1.25(L), 1.75 (H) inches $70

1/2 (W), 1.1(L), 1.6 (H) inches $70


1/2 (W), 1 1/8(L), 1 3/4 (H) inches $70





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