• Low pricing
  • No setup fee.
  • Free plastic backing
  • Patch Scanned Proof
  • Any sizes and shapes
  • Native translators of Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Free authentic translation
  • Artistic calligraphy in Asian calligraphy
  • Custom graphic design service available














Threads & Twills

Please note that the samples are scanned images, and different monitors may display colors differently. We will help you match the thread colors to your artwork images. However, if the exact colors matching is very import to you. We will recommend you to send us a sample of the colors you wish to use in the mail. You may also provide us Pantone Color Codes, and we will try to match it as close as possible.


See Gold, Silver color threads at column #12.

Patch Thread Colors Thread Colors Thread Colors Thread Colors



Sample twills colors for the background of the patch if the patches are either 50% or 75% embroidered.

If you do not already have a logo or graphic design, custom graphic design service is also available. See more Graphic Design info.

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