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Custom Asian Theme Website Design FAQ

(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English)

(Custom website design for Martial Arts schools, and other Asian theme related bussiness)

Question 1: Website Design Process

Step One: Sumbit Your Order

Select a web design package

You may sumbit an order either use our Shopping Cart or via E-mail and we will confirm your order, payments and etc.

Step Two: Sumbit a Creative brief via E-mail

You will providing further information that we need before the design process starts.

* Your bussiness name, and background
* The target audience
* Objectives
* The Message
* Current logo image, if any (What you like and dislike about it.)
* Color theme to be used if any
* Additional information about your business

Step Three: View Initial Concepts

You will be provide with two initial concepts based on the information you provided.

Step Four: Sumbit Your Comments for Revision

You will provided us your feedback on the concepts that we provided. You will choose one of the concepts for further coding for the website.

Step Four: Coding process & update information to be used for the webpages

You are always part of the design process. In this stage, we will need to have all the text and images in order to upload those in the design.

Step Five: Finalized Your Website

As soon as your web design is finalized, we will upload the files online for you and your new website will be officially released to the public. People could now find you online.


Question 2: Website Design Process Time

The website design time process varies, and it really depends on what need to be done. Factors includes: number of pages, number of images, the type of codings needed, flash or other add-ons involved.

Question 3: Do you design for websites for none Marital Arts Schools?

We do design websites for other type of business. Though, those pricing posted on our website is specially offered only for our martial arts school clients. This is due to the fact that they are also ordering other products and services from us. If you are interested in our website design service for other type of busineses, please Contac us for custom website design quote.


Question 4: I already have a website, but would like to update it?

We could certainly re-design your website, please Contact us for further info and quote. Please also make sure to let us know a bit more of what you are looking for and your current website address. Re-design fee really depends on the amount of work need to be done.

Contact us for Website Design Service and any further questions

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