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Custom Logo Design Logo Design

Custom Website Design & Hosting Custom Web Design

Custom Embroidered Patches Custom Patches

Custom Certificates Design & Printing Custom Logo T-Shirts Custom Certificates Design & Printing Custom Certificate/ Folder

Custom Certificates Design & Printing Rice Paper Certificates

Custom Hand Brushed Certificate Scroll C Scroll

Custom Hand Carved Instructors and Schools Seals Instructor/ School Seals

Custom Stationery Design Embosser

Marketing-Custom Brochures/Flyers Design and etc Custom Flyers Marketing-Custom Brochures/Flyers Design and etc Custom Folders

Custom Wall Hanging Scrolls Decoration or Gifts Custom Wall Scroll

Custom Martial Arts Certificates

in English, Korean, Japanese or Chinese languages

These traditional certificates are custom made specially for your school. We do not use certificate text templates, therefore, we can setup the text layout in any way you want. Select the certificate type to see more information.

Standard Certificates

8.5 x 11 inches


custom certificates

Japanese certificatesChinese Certificates

Cost-effective & budget in mind. Certificates with linen folders


Colored Ink Certificates

8.5 x 11, 11 x 14, 11 x 17 inches

phoenix martial arts certificates

Black Padded Certificate Folders

Awarding your students according to their belt colors. All borders in 10 colors. Cost-effective

Gold/Sliver/Red Foil Phoenix Certificates

11 x 14 & 11 x 17 inches

phoenix martial arts certificates

Chinese Martial Arts Certificate Foil Martial Arts Certificate Folder

Martial Arts Certificate Folder

Foil embossed border design with black presentation folders

Rice Paper Hamd Brushed Certificates

11 x 14 inches

13 x 26 inches

Hand-brushed on traditional Rice papers in Japanese, Korean or Chinese languages.

Certificate Scroll- Ready to Hang

12 x 27, 15 x 35, 16.5 x 42 inches

Japanese certificate scrollcustom martial arts certificate scroll

Hand brush on traditional rice paper and professional matted with cloth backing. Ready to hang on the wall.


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