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Custom Embroidered Patches Custom Patches

Custom Certificates Design & Printing Custom Certificate/ Folder

Custom Certificates Design & Printing Rice Paper Certificates

Custom Hand Brushed Certificate Scroll C Scroll


Custom Hand Carved Instructors and Schools Seals Instructor/ School Seals

Custom Stationery Design Embosser

Marketing-Custom Brochures/Flyers Design and etc Custom Flyers Marketing-Custom Brochures/Flyers Design and etc Custom Folders

Custom Wall Hanging Scrolls Decoration or Gifts Custom Wall Scroll

  • Low pricing
  • No setup fee.
  • Free plastic backing
  • Patch Scanned Proof
  • Any sizes and shapes
  • Native translators of Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Free authentic translation
  • Artistic calligraphy in Asian calligraphy
  • Custom graphic design service available










Custom Embroidered Patches

custom martial arts patch
Custom Embroidered Patch
custom tiger patch
Custom Logo Design
Embroidered Patch
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custom martial arts patchcustom martial arts patchescustom martial arts patchcustom martial arts patch

See more samples at: Patch Portfolio

We offer custom embroidered patches for martial arts schools and instructors. We can make any shape, size or colors for your patches. They can be as small as 2 inches to 12 inches. 8-12 inches patches are great for sewing on the back of your marital arts uniforms. There is no additional charge if you would like to add Japanese or Korean or Chinese text to your patch. Our native translators will translate for you. Questions? See Patch FAQs

Once the payment is received, we will provide an image of your Embroidered Patch proof. We will only finish the production after your approval. Here are some proofing samples shown at: Patch Portfolio

Custom Made Patches

See the cost at Patch Pricing


E-mail us your graphic with the following information for a quote.

  • Your Name:
  • Patch Size:
  • Embroidery coverage: 50%, 75% and 100% embroidery
  • Number of patches needed: (Minimum 100 patches)



Premade Catalogue Patches

Martial Arts Patches
larger image

Martial Arts Patch
Martial Arts Patch with artistic Asian Calligraphy, 4 inches diameter with plastic backing.

Karate Patches
larger image
Karate Patch
Karate Patch with artistic Asian Calligraphy, 2 x 4 inches with plastic backing.
larger image
Taekwondo Patch
Taekwondo Patch with artistic Korean calligraphy, 2 x 4 inches with plastic backing.

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