Custom Folded Cards

(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English)

These attractive cards are custom designed by Asian Brush Art (All Rights Reserved). They may be used for a variety of occasions. Such as Congratulation Advancement in Rank, birthday, gift certificates, and other speical occasions. We could custom print your logo, graphics and wordings on the cards for you.

The cards are 5" x 7", They are sold as a package of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 or more cards. When ordering our custom cards, you may have your own words translated into Chinese/Japanese/Korean calligraphy and apply your logo on the cards. You could choose one of the following border designs and colors. Other custom designing service is also available with additional fee.

custom cards

(School logo with Happy Birthday calligraphy- for sending out to students.)

Digital Printing: Premium, 80 lb. card stock with elegant linen finish folded cards 5 x 7 inches

Initial Set up Fee: $25.00 When you re-order with the same design, you will not need to pay this fee again.

Front: color Inside: black
Front: color Inside: black
10 cards
40 cards
20 cards
50 cards
30 cards
100 cards

If you would like order more than 100 cards, please Contact us for quote.



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